Covid Cleaning 

We sincerely hope this message finds you and your family healthy! Over the last months, we have learned a great deal from our local and national health officials about how to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Selected businesses are slowly reopening and many of us have adapted to working at home. Through it all, our number one goal at Sparkly Clean is to ensure that your home or office is a clean and healthy environment.
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Technicians now have a powerful, EPA-registered disinfectant and virucide, Oxivir, along with their other cleaning supplies. Not only will this be used to disinfect equipment such as vacuums before and after each service, but it will also be used on high-risk, touchpoint areas in your space, such as door handles and light switches, to protect your health and safety. Additionally, this product is pH-neutral, which means it is safe to use on all surfaces. We also provide other products that are approved by the EPA specifically for use against the Coronavirus.


For the cleaning industry, preventing cross-contamination both within and between jobs is built into the way we do business. Many of these practices are not new to our technicians, though the stakes are higher now:

Employees will disinfect their hands and put on gloves immediately prior to entering each home. Gloves are changed during the cleaning as well to prevent cross-contamination between different areas of the home.

Sponges, cleaning cloths, and magic erasers are used at one job and then either disposed of or bagged separately to be returned to the office for disinfection.


Equipment such as vacuums or scrub brushes is thoroughly disinfected with the products listed above in between each job.


Based on the most recent business guidelines from the ABH on social distancing, we have changed the way we do the schedule to incorporate more solo technician routes, as well as limit the days our technicians come into the office to pick up supplies and route information. While we will still maintain some 2-person routes for jobs that are too large for an individual technician, most of our technicians will be working alone for all or most of the day. We appreciate your understanding as we implement this policy.


While in your space, technicians will maintain at least a 6-foot distance from any occupants. If you can, please crate pets during the cleaning to minimize contact with our technicians.


Per Alberta law, all sparkly clean employees who are eligible receive paid sick leave. We make it clear to employees that they are to stay home if they aren’t feeling well, without risking their job or paycheck. Many employees are ei eligible in addition to sick pay, and we are educating all employees on additional benefit packages if they do need to take time off if they or a family member becomes ill. Currently, no one at sparkly clean has contracted the virus, nor been in contact with someone who has. Our technicians are as concerned about getting sick as we know you must be, but they also want to have work if they are healthy.


Important: If you or a member of your household has had COVID-19 or tested positive for the coronavirus, please cancel all cleanings until you or they have been symptom-free for at least two weeks. You must let us know.