Move Out Check List

Remove all your personal possessions

Remove all garbage and debris

Professionally steam clean, deodorize and disinfect all carpets

Sweep and wash floors thoroughly (damp mop on hardwood floors)

Wipe dust out of heat registers

Clean windows including window frames, tracks and screens

Clean all window coverings

Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans and clean with appropriate cleaners

Replace all burnt out light bulbs and fuses

Wash and wipe all walls and doors top to bottom with appropriate cleaners and leave streak free


Thoroughly clean bathtub, tile walls, toilets and sinks (NO abrasive cleaners are to be used)

Clean grout and caulking

Clean mirrors and leave no streaks

Wipe out medicine cabinet

Wipe out the inside of the bathroom cabinets


Clean all marks and remove all pictures from the walls and leave streak free

Completely empty closets, wipe all sleeves and counters

Clean window sills


Thoroughly clean inside and outside of stove with appropriate cleaners and leave grease free, including burner pans, racks, rings and controls. Self-cleaning ovens are to be cleaned in accordance with oven directions

Defrost freezer if it is not frost free

Ensure ice trays and all fridge racks are washed

Thoroughly clean inside and outside of fridge with appropriate cleaners, including underneath the crisper drawers and the freezer area

Thoroughly clean the dishwasher and microwave

Thoroughly clean sink and counter tops

Thoroughly clean inside and outside of all cabinets

All appliances are to be pulled out and the walls behind and floor underneath are to be cleaned with appropriate cleaners

Laundry/ Utility Room:

Thoroughly clean washer and dryer (if included)

Wipe hot water tank and furnace

Sweep and wash floors

Clean out any storage shelves or cabinets

Outside/ Yard:

Remove ALL garbage and debris from the premises (front and backyard)

Cut the grass and have the flower beds weeded (if applicable)

Clean all sidewalks and entrances of snow (if applicable)

Thoroughly clean the outside of doors and mailboxes (if applicable)

Wash outside of windows if dirty (if on ground floor or basement)

Remove ALL personal possessions from storage sheds and garages

Sweep out storage shed and garage and wash out with garden hose if dirty