Hiring Sparkly-Clean is a great way to free up time from regular cleaning chores. But, it takes a small amount of preparation to get the most cost-effective cleaning experience.

 here are some helpful preparation tips before Sparkly-Clean arrives:

Pick up household items that may be lying around

Tidying and straightening up your space before we arrive can help ensure that the majority of time is spent cleaning, and not organizing (unless this is your preference).  Picking up these items also means they're less likely to be misplaced during a cleaning.  To protect your privacy,  technicians will not open closed doors, closets, drawers, cupboards for cleaning unless they are instructed otherwise.

Pick up any important documents, bills, and other papers

To an unfamiliar eye, important documents such as insurance paperwork, bank statements, or bills can be easily mistaken for trash. Protect your privacy and avoid the trouble of tracking down an important paper item by filing them, placing them in a secure spot, or leaving a "do not disturb" note on them prior to a technician's arrival.

Secure valuables such as jewelry, small electronics, and loose cash

Sparkly-Clean puts their employees through a thorough vetting and background check procedures, but that doesn't mean a theft won't occur. If you haven't built up a high level of trust with your cleaning technician, protect your peace of mind by placing valuables in a secure area such as a locked room, safe, or inside your vehicle's trunk.

Put away the pets 

This precaution depends on both your pet's comfort level with strangers in the house, as well as your technician's preferences. If your pets don't handle unfamiliar people well, it may be a good idea to secure them in a crate or locked room prior to the technician's arrival.


Identify  any broken and/or damaged items around the home

Giving your home a quick inspection for any broken or damaged items can help spare you the embarrassment of accidentally blaming your technician for the damage he or she didn't do.

Identify problem areas that need special cleaning attention

Technicians rely on an effective cleaning checklist that covers most of everything, but, there may be instances where the project is out of their usual scope.   If you have an area that you'd like the cleaner to devote extra attention to, make sure you communicate that to them prior to or upon their arrival.

Make sure they can get in

If you plan to be away during your home's cleaning, or if you're setting up service for the first time, make sure Sparkly-Clean has or has access to an entry key, as well as any special instructions for turning off a home security system.