upholstery & Mattress Cleaning 

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We all clean our upholstery, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? You probably spend six or seven hours on it every night. During that time dust, dead skill cells, sweat, and oil from our body can make their way onto it. That is why Good Housekeeping Institute recommends we clean our mattresses every few months to keep our beds fresh and odor-free. 
Like our mattresses, upholstery cleaning is just as important part of our cleaning routine. 
In many ways, your couch is the heart of your home. Think about it this way: It's the place you and your loved ones gather to complete jigsaw puzzles, catch up after a long day's work, and binge Netflix show after Netflix show. Because of this, your couch is also the catch-all spot for chip crumbs, popcorn kernels, and occasional wine spills.

While vacuuming or wiping down your sofa may tackle day-to-day dirt and pet hair, you should have your fabric steam cleaned every six months to rid of set-in stains, spills, and oils from grimy hands and feet. to make your living room ready for another jam-packed weekend of movie-watching.